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Full Access to over 1000 articles, 200 hours of educational video, downloadable booklets as well as the latest available properties in London and UK.

Welcome to YPC where building a property portfolio is as easy as 3 + 1 ..

I want to start by congratulating you on the first step to building a thriving property portfolio. For almost two decades I've been helping people just like you build their property portfolio, initially in Australia, then the UK, and finally in Asia and the Middle East. I've helped my clients buy well over a billion pounds of residential property.

We do everything for you...

Since 2004, my YPC team which numbers over 50 strong professionals ready to DO EVERYTHING to help you build your portfolio. Whatever it takes to source, research, negotiate, buy, rent out and manage a property or a portfolio of properties.

We'll organise the carpets, flooring, curtains, furniture, bathroom accessories, mortgages, conveyance, lettings and management as well as holding your hand through the numerous emotional moments as you build your portfolio.

London and UK property specialists...

We specialise in London and UK property and have sold over 200 different developments and upwards of 2000 units.

Unlike many others that take a shotgun approach, we are focused on maximising your returns and sticking to the markets that we know; markets that have proven themselves over many years. Guessing and gambling are not part of our strategy.

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How you will benefit from working with my team...

At YPC we do things a little differently so I want to introduce you some of these things. We like to call them the YPC Way. Here's a taste...

  • We are a buyers agent representing your interests, we are unlike most estate agents who represent the seller. It means that our job is to get YOU the best price and not the developer.
  • Our depth of due diligence exceeds everyone in the market with every property benefiting from a full 30 pages of thorough research and that's without all the usual photos, glossy brochures and floor plans that most agents try to pass off as research. We call it our 89 Point Due Diligence checklist.
  • Every single property has a Two Year Cash Flow Analysis, fully customizable to your needs. So you know exactly what your cash flow will look like now and over the next two years of ownership. We even allow for things like rate rises and void periods.

Our unique 5 Property Guarantees...

We offer 5 Property Guarantees, unique in the industry. They cover most things that other agents don't dare, from the amount of rent received, getting a mortgage, and how long the property will take to rent out.

My background in personal growth and self-empowerment has lead me to combine these simple principles with building a portfolio. A powerful combination that will see your portfolio grow at the same time as your emotional intelligence grows. Emotions are truly one of the biggest roadblocks to success in property.

Availability of the team on their mobiles and afterhours. We like to say call us 24/7 Six days a week (we do need one day off). None of this "it's 6pm knock off time, too bad if you have a problem." As a team we're committed to your success and to sleeping well at night.

More than the website...

My professional team are highly experienced in every aspect of your property, we're used to building peoples portfolios and these days there is probably very few things that happen that we haven't already encountered. More importantly we believe in full disclosure so we'll explain and involve you in these things so you learn as you do.

We also use the latest in technology through our portfolio management software - Ezytrac, having our cash flow checklist, IPhone, Android applications.

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Getting our clients involved...

We also like to get clients and the team involved in our charitable arm of the group - YPC Giving.

Afterall once we have shown you the results in your portfolio you'll be in the financial and time position to give something back to the community above and beyond a simple donation.

I've realised in almost two decades of property that the difference between success and failure comes down to having a systematic process. My Portfolio Managers and team will give you clear direction, use proven strategies, only offer totally legal, accepted and above board advice, as well as develop and maintain your portfolio all the while whilst educating and supporting you to learn and grow into being a professional investor.

Launch YPC Giving >>

My bestselling gift to you...

Our gift to get our relationship started; I'd like to gift you a copy of my bestselling book "The 3+1 Plan", yours to read so you can get to know the simple and effective ways we can help you build the portfolio you've always wanted.

I've also asked one of my team to give you an initial call to get a clear picture of what you are looking to do and explain how we can help.

Don't worry - this call, and any other call you'll ever have with us - isn't about hard selling you property. We're much more focused on building trust and relationship with you. We know the property will come when we've demonstrated our competency and you're comfortable that you're ready to move.

If you'd like to call in straight away then please call 0207 812 1255 or if you're calling from overseas +44 207 812 1255 otherwise press reply to this email and I'll have one of the team call you immediately.

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