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Property Articles for UK Buy to Let Investors

Education is the most important part of building a successful, profitable property portfolio and here at Your Property Club, we provide it at no charge, as part of our service to you.

Many other property companies charge you an arm and a leg for a very basic level of education, but in these pages we've made available over 700 property articles, videos and how-tos -- all designed to give you all the information you need to get started. Don't forget to register as a client for free access to our team who can answer any questions you may have.

Buying Property articles

With a combined experience of many hundreds of years in the industry, we've learned the lessons of buying property in the UK the hard-won, long way. We know where to buy, we know what to look for and we know how to get the best deals. This category will give you an insight into the lessons we've learned along the way.

253 more Buying Property

Buying Off the Plan Property

Off plan property is one of property investing's most powerful means to make a profit and there's a massive opportunity that is going to present itself from now until at least 2016 as more and more developers are now incentivising off plan property sales to secure funds. This collection of Off Plan articles and blogs will show you how to buy off plan, when, how and the best strategies to make money from it!

147 more Buying Off the Plan Property

Mortgage and Finance

Without finance, the deals don't get through. In this area we share with you our viewpoint on the direction the industry's moving. We interpret the headlines for you and show you what you should be paying attention to.

162 more Mortgage and Finance

Letting your Property

It doesn't matter how good the deal was, if you don't get it let it's going to turn into a very painful experience. We're the experts at finding and giving you property that lets fast and reliably and we blog here about the industry and about the strategies and techniques we use on a daily basis.

142 more Letting your Property

Emotions and Investing

Having worked with thousands of clients across the world, I've found that the single most important factor that slows or even stops the growth of their portfolios is, believe it or not, how they cope with the process of investing on an emotional level. This category will teach you how to make vital investment decisions with a sound, calm mind and build property portfolio with confidence - just like the professionals, and with no surprises.

147 more Emotions and Investing

Capital Considerations

Capital is one the most important topics for investors. How much do you need? Where's it coming from? Who's going to lend it? How expensive will it be? We blog regularly on the question of capital and how you use it best leverage your portfolio.

118 more Capital Considerations

Cash Flow Considerations

Cashflow is king, as they say. And it really is true. Nobody ever got their house reposessed because it went down in value, but many have because they couldn't afford the cashflow. Learn how we manage ours, how we spot the problems coming before they even arrive and how to deal with them effectively.

227 more Cash Flow Considerations

Politics and Economics

For every dramatic & sensational headline you see in the newspaper or on the net, there's usually another story behind, waiting to be uncovered. In this category I take the sensational and interpret it for you and show you what it really means to your portfolio and to your bottom line.

233 more Politics and Economics

Investment Strategy

In this area we talk processes, procedures, structures and strategies involved in the purchase and ongoing management of your portfolio. In addition we regularly cover such topics as the structuring of your property purchase, the management of your finance, and the best strategies to use. Of course, before engaging in property investment, we encourage you to speak to an industry professional.

110 more Investment Strategy

Conveyancing and Solicitors

Finding and working with the best people in the industry is the key to a smooth investment process. In this area of the blog we share our stories and advice, and give you tips for how to find, retain and work with the best in the industry.

44 more Conveyancing and Solicitors

Sourcing property

Sourcing property is definitely an art, and one that very few people are aware even exist. Property sourcers speak a language of numbers, percentages, discounts, site exposure, options and finance products. We decrpyt the mystery here in this section of the blog and shed a little light on one of the lesser known areas of investment.

44 more Sourcing property

Selling your property

Selling your property is sometimes part of the process and we keep you up to date with all of the industry updates, changes of legislation and impact on the investor's segment of the market.

62 more Selling your property

Success Attitude

80% of the journey of property investment is an emotional one. Without the right attitude, it's almost impossible to get where you need to go. In this section I talk about the most powerful strategies I use to find success and achieve goals in my personal life and help others to do the same.

58 more Success Attitude

Property Investment Clubs

Your Property Club is the only property club style company that survived the recession of 2007-2010, but now that the economy is growing again, they're back. We write articles to make you aware of the traps that are starting to appear in this part of the market once again.

76 more Property Investment Clubs


To achieve a better lifestyle for ourselves and for our family is why we invest. This is where we blog about our lifestyle goals, our achievements, and how we use property investment as a vehicle to help give us more choice in life to do what we enjoy doing.

347 more Lifestyle

Corporate News

The spot for all things to do with Your Property Club and YPC-Group. We regularly post blogs, pictures and annoucements from our many workshops, events, charity sponsorship days and team bonding activities.

15 more Corporate News

Press Release

Press releases for Your Property Club

109 more Press Release

Property Investment Videos

This section is dedicated to the property education videos, and interviews we produce regularly to educate, inform and sometimes unintentionally, entertain our clients. :)

39 more Property Investment Videos

YPC Press Mentions

Brett's always writing and commenting on what's going on our there, so we get cited and quoted quite often in the Press. Here's the latest list of our Press mentions!

31 more YPC Press Mentions

Pension Concerns

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot to say on the subject of pensions, and I enjoy giving people a better understanding of the workings of the UK pension system - the most complex pension system in the world. Read this part of our blog to learn about new, dramatically better options that exist for providing for your future.

47 more Pension Concerns

Property Launch

Whenever we launch new property we put up details here in the blog with relevant details for you to see, even if you're not a YPC member. Don't forget that once it appears here, it's already gone and you've missed a great opportunity! The best strategy is to signup for free as a member and you'll receive our regular launch emails direct in your inbox.

51 more Property Launch


YPC's staff (and clients!) regularly donate to charitable causes as a way to give back and make a difference to those that need help. Brett and Simon strongly believe in personal development and goal setting, something that is at the core of our business when creating wealth for our clients through thriving property portfolios.

15 more Giving


Words from our clients.

6 more Testimonial

Ezytrac software

Running a portfolio is easy when you have one or two properties, but for more, you need help. EzyTrac is software I have developed over the past 10 years that keeps my portfolio humming.

254 more Ezytrac software

In the press today

As an industry commentator, it's my job to keep my finger on the pulse. This means I read, listen to and watch the nation's press each and every day so I can bring you the news that's important, the news that you need to focus on. In today's time-poor world, rely on me and my team to bring you the important news to pay attention to.

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YPC Lettings

YPC Lettings

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