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Everything You Need to Know About Off Plan Property

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Off plan property is one of property investing's most powerful means to make a profit and there's a massive opportunity that is going to present itself from now until at least 2016 as more and more developers are now incentivising off plan property sales to secure funds.

This collection of Off Plan articles and blogs will show you how to buy off plan, when, how and the best strategies to make money from it!

How Quickly Should You Build Your Off Plan Property Portfolio

To answer this, I'm going to teach you my top 4 off plan property & portfolio building strategies.

They will help govern the speed at which you add property to your portfolio and what KIND of properties you add. They will match the speed of your porfolio's growth with the speed of your personal growth as an investor, which is the most overloooked part of investing.

Why you need these strategies as you build your off plan property portfolio

The most important thing you need to understand is that the 'industry' doesn't give a sh@t about you or your cashflow position -- they're going to push you HARD to buy as often and as much as you can.

If you keep these four unique portfolio strategies in mind the next time you are presented 'the best deal ever', then you'll already be in a much stronger position and you'll be in the best place to judge whether it's the right time or not.

What is Off Plan Property?

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