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What's the quickest route to recovery for the UK? The answer is -- New Build Property.

Through new build, through people investing and building property portfolios - it will stimulate the economy leading us into a faster recovery. But lately new build has been trashed and rubbished.

Let me tell you why this is and what we as citizens and investors can do to make the economy better. If you want the hard truth about why the economy is taking forever to recover, watch this short video.

New build criteria and what they mean to the UK New Build industry

New build doesn't deserve the treatment is is being given right now by lenders, some of whom have begun considering ALL properties built up to five years ago as 'new build'.

As we all know -- new build property is the lifeblood of any economy, and by doing this, by classifying anything up to 5 years old as 'new build' heavily restricts lending and places stress on an already desolate marketplace.

It just goes to show how small minded these lenders are. Right now they may be sitting smug but when demand returns, the scale of the supply shortage and the extent of the lag to begin building will be revealed.

Ridiculous criteria on new build get even more ridiculous >>

The 3 Biggest Problems With New Build Property Valuations Today

If you're a current investor or thinking of getting into the market, it's vital that you understand the 3 biggest problems with valuations today and how to deal with them. (and it could mean a great deal for you too). The 3 Biggest Problems With Property Valuations Today

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