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WOW - We've got an original 2012 OLYMPIC Torch!

Filed by Fam Islam on Wednesday 1st August, 2012 in Lifestyle, Corporate News, Giving
Fam Islam
Marketing Assistant

It's true! We actually have a 2012 Olympic Torch in our London office...

How and why? - I hear you ask.

Well if you aren't already aware, YPC is very passionate about giving back to the community. And as soon as Brett, Chairman of YPC Group, heard that anyone can purchase a genuine Olympic torch and at the same time donate the money towards a fantastic cause of your choice - he set out to find one.

He came across Miss Liana Tolland, one of the 8,000 torchbearers. Liana is a young 19 year old who nearly died of pancreatitis on her gap year in Uganda 2010. She has since been on a waiting list for a new kidney to give her a “fresh start” in life.

Brett's donation will help fund towards Liana's doctors fees and other health expenses along the way.

'It's like a fresh start after everything I've been through. It's something to be proud of. My mum was waiting at the end wearing a T-shirt that said 'a torchbearer's mum'.'

Everyone at the YPC London office were excited to meet Liana's mum who came in holding the torch carefully packaged. She was an absolute delight to meet and made us all feel extremely proud of her, her daughter and proud to be owners of a unique heartfelt torch.

We have our own charitable website where we donate to various causes such as the British Heart Foundation, Movember, Kiva, Shine and a few other organisations. So why not get involved? Take part in some of our yearly charity events, become a sponsor and tell your friends and family about it.

If have any questions and would like to know how to take part, please call us on +44 (0)207 812 1255 or email us on

Just before you go, here are some snapshots of Brett with the torch at the office...

Hope you're all enjoying the Olympics!

Fam Islam
Marketing Assistant

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