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What do I mean by a Stagnant Property market?

Filed by Kayleigh Hemmings on Wednesday 25th July, 2012 in Buying Property, Emotions and Investing, Capital Considerations, Politics and Economics, Investment Strategy, Property Investment Videos
Kayleigh Hemmings
Office Administrator

In this video Brett Alegre-Wood, Chairman of YPC Group, explains what a stagnant property market using the 'Property Trend Cycle'.

The Property Cycle is one of the most overlooked concepts in building a property portfolio yet it should be the first thing many property investors should understand. Brett explains how the property market prices are increasing and why he still calls it the stagnant stage of the cycle.

Watch this video and learn more about the Property Cycle; when is the best time to invest and when to hold off in building your property portfolio...

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Kayleigh Hemmings,
Office Administrator

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