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Which of these investment opportunities are real and which are fake? Here are the most important questions to ask

If you have come across something that you consider to be the best thing since sliced bread, then you really need do your due diligence. Ask tough questions of the people trying to sell you the investment. Here are the best things to consider...
Posted on Wednesday 27th Oct 2010 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

What you don't know about your pension will shock you

On the weekend I hosted a small workshop of 20 people and at the outset, I told them that within 5 minutes I'd be able to shock almost everyone in the room about the true state of their pensions.
Posted on Thursday 14th Oct 2010 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments Property News - Learn from YPC client Chris who built a thriving portfolio of 8 properties in under a year

In this video you will meet Chris. He has been a client of YPC's for just under a year now and has built a successful portfolio of 8 properties. So we've asked him to put his inspirational story on camera.
Posted on Monday 11th Oct 2010 by Fam Islam - Read the article | comments

YPC's Build and Protect Philosophy

Our "Build and Protect" philosophy is the most basic and fundamental approach to developing wealth. Rather than being a specific strategy to be applied in a particular way it is a philosophy which applies to all strategies and advice.
Posted on Wednesday 8th Sep 2010 by Nick Rossington - Read the article | comments Property News - What every property investor must consider for the next two years

Do you know the difference between CPI & RPI and how much of an impact they will have on your lifestyle? This is an important part of property investment that you must become familiar with. You must check which inflation index your pension is linked to.
Posted on Thursday 2nd Sep 2010 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

The coming coalition impact on your property portfolio - are you ready?

Just this week the Tories and the Liberal Democrats released the UK Coalition Program. With dread, I picked it up and devoured it and today I'm going to discuss some of the issues around it.
Posted on Wednesday 26th May 2010 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

Even Pension Experts say Property is the Way Forward

The good news about recent property performances seems to have even filtered through to those in charge of managing pensions. A recent survey carried out by the publication Pensions Week found that property was the most promising investment class.
Posted on Sunday 13th Sep 2009 by Dani Aw - Read the article | comments

Why you will have to Work Longer for a Smaller Pension

You may have heard tell of the coming pension crisis? This fast-approaching event is irrespective of the current economic situation but has everything to do with demographics.
Posted on Thursday 30th Jul 2009 by Dani Aw - Read the article | comments

The Pension Apartheid

With the plight of defined benefit (DB) pensions making prime time news this week and only three FTSE100 companies left still offering this generous plan to new recruits, the demise of the final salary pension appears imminent.
Posted on Friday 26th Jun 2009 by Dani Aw - Read the article | comments

Worrying changes for pensions

With the arrival of yet another Work & Pensions Secretary (the seventh since 2005), I thought it would be a good time to update you on some of the changes that have been happening since I was last in contact.
Posted on Friday 12th Jun 2009 by Dani Aw - Read the article | comments

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Open Letter: Why Your Pension is a Ticking Time Bomb and What You Can Do About It

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