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The spot for all things to do with Your Property Club and YPC-Group. We regularly post blogs, pictures and annoucements from our many workshops, events, charity sponsorship days and team bonding activities.

Our 5 Property Guarantees: taking away the risk in working with us!

Rather than having you begin your relationship with us by taking all the risks yourself, we take them from you by giving you a guarantee that certain things will and won't happen. Read on for the details...
Posted on Tuesday 18th Dec 2012 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

We're launching our very own - YPC Hotspots Bar...

Posted on Wednesday 12th Dec 2012 by Jo Tang - Read the article | comments

Android and Iphone App testers wanted for YPC Group's newest Mobile Application

Posted on Saturday 1st Dec 2012 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

Excited to announce our new Marketing Manager!

An extremely talented young man; with great enthusiasm, belief and passion in property. Please, do give him a warm welcome...
Posted on Monday 20th Aug 2012 by Jo Tang - Read the article | comments

WOW - We've got an original 2012 OLYMPIC Torch!

Well if you aren't already aware, YPC is very passionate about giving back to the community. And as soon as Brett heard that anyone can purchase a genuine torch and at the same time the money goes towards a fantastic cause of your choice...
Posted on Wednesday 1st Aug 2012 by Fam Islam - Read the article | comments

Closing office today at 3pm for the opening Olympic Ceremony!

If you don't know already, today is the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics! We're all so excited about this phenomenal event.
Posted on Friday 27th Jul 2012 by Fam Islam - Read the article | comments

Meet YPC Group's new Managing Director, Bruce Freer...

I have offered Bruce Freer the position of Managing Director and Finance Director for the Group. Bruce is very experienced and I am excited about having him on-board with us to support our growth.
Posted on Friday 13th Jul 2012 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

Introducing Ryan, our new Property Consultant...

Please welcome Ryan Rahnavard, our new professional Property Consultant.
Posted on Monday 9th Jul 2012 by Kayleigh Hemmings - Read the article | comments

YPC Lincoln have a new home!

Now that they've completed on the partitioning the walls, setting up a new server and the sorting the phone system, they're now ready to move in by the end of June. YAY!
Posted on Friday 22nd Jun 2012 by Makeda Henry - Read the article | comments

We're Kiva's 3rd biggest lender again!

If you don't already know, Kiva is a worldwide non-profit lending organisation where lenders like us take part to help tackle poverty around the world by encouraging entrepreneurship.
Posted on Wednesday 20th Jun 2012 by Fam Islam - Read the article | comments

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