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3rd week and growing hairier for Movemeber

Filed by Simon Shankland on Monday 14th November, 2011 in Giving
Simon Shankland
Director of Portfolios

Hey guys

It's our 3rd week into Movember!!! And boy... the team is doing tremendously well so far -- if you're coming into the office over the next 2 weeks please don't be scared by the hairy-faced men and women that will welcome you! :-)

Movember is a fantastic charity founded to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer and men's general health.

This will be YPC's 9th year taking part in this global fund-raising event and we've a got a great line up for you! (and me thinks the girls are beating the guys here) Take a look at our pics on the right.

Let us know your favourite mo on our Facebook page, just browse through the pics and click the 'like' button to vote for your favourite YPC mo picture.

And if you think you've got a better looking mo than ours, let us know about it! Here's Jannie (Jolandi's husband ) taking part:

However, if don't fancy taking part, you can still join us by making a donation. Here's the drill to join - Join in or Donate!:

1. Get hairy!
Mo bros you have to be clean-shaven on Movember 1st and then for the rest of the month, 'groom, trim and wax your way into the annals of fine moustachery' (the exact words of our big MoBro founder!)

Mo sistas you can buy a little fake moustash and wear it during the whole of Movember. (And I hear it's just as difficult for the girls to walk around with a tash stuck on their face as it is for the guys to grow theirs.)

2. Every penny helps
Once you've joined the YPC mo crew, why not make a donation - however big or small, it all counts. Or if you don't fancy growing an awkward tash and only want to sponsor the YPC mo crew, then simply click here to donate to The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research.

3. Update us on your 'Mogress'
Email Fam on with a picture of your clean-shaven face on Movember 1st and every Tuesday till the end, and we'll enter you into 'YPC Best 'Mogress' Challenge. We'll feature your mogress in our weekly Movember blog and place you into our prize draw for the 'Mo of the Year 2011' award! So you've got to get people voting for you!

Spread the word, take part, grow your mo or buy one, and let us know all about it! I'll make sure your updates hit front page news on our Facebook page, and on our page.

Check out our mo's from last year, there's some hairy photos and a Mo'larious video of the YPC girls in their moustaches: click here to see it.

Make sure you join us on and keep up to date on our Facebook page.

Can't wait to see your Mo's!

Simon Shankland
Portfolio Director

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