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Brett's UK Budget 2013 Property Investors Analysis

In this video, Brett Alegre-Wood overviews the UK Budget 2013. Rather than go line by line he summarizes the important bits for property investors in the UK and abroad. The 2 main things in the budget for investors is the Help to Buy Scheme which prov
Posted on Thursday 21st Mar 2013 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

Brett's special feature on Singapore's publication - The Property Guru...

Posted on Wednesday 12th Dec 2012 by Simon Shankland - Read the article | comments

Android and Iphone App testers wanted for YPC Group's newest Mobile Application

Posted on Saturday 1st Dec 2012 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

The Olympics Legacy – will the success on the field transpose to a better Britain and a better opportunity for investors?

Well I think that everyone would have to agree that London pulled it off, a great games, and a performance that made this diehard Australian (with a British passport) proud… 29 Gold… third on the medal table and so many highlights its hard to pick a favo
Posted on Tuesday 28th Aug 2012 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

WOW - We've got an original 2012 OLYMPIC Torch!

Well if you aren't already aware, YPC is very passionate about giving back to the community. And as soon as Brett heard that anyone can purchase a genuine torch and at the same time the money goes towards a fantastic cause of your choice...
Posted on Wednesday 1st Aug 2012 by Fam Islam - Read the article | comments

Discover how 43 YPC clients cleaned up in London's south, and how you can still join them...

Investors who have properties in Croydon, South London will be extremely pleased with last Thursday's reveal of the dynamic new vision for Croydon's Whitgift Centre and the regeneration of its nearby areas...
Posted on Sunday 29th Jul 2012 by Brett Alegre-Wood - Read the article | comments

Closing office today at 3pm for the opening Olympic Ceremony!

If you don't know already, today is the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics! We're all so excited about this phenomenal event.
Posted on Friday 27th Jul 2012 by Fam Islam - Read the article | comments

What do I mean by a Stagnant Property market?

Watch this video and learn more about the Property Cycle; when is the best time to invest and when to hold off in building your property portfolio...
Posted on Wednesday 25th Jul 2012 by Kayleigh Hemmings - Read the article | comments

Why do I say 7-10 properties in building a property portfolio?

In this video, Brett Alegre-Wood, chairman of YPC Group, explains why 7-10 properties is the key in building a property portfolio.
Posted on Tuesday 24th Jul 2012 by Makeda Henry - Read the article | comments

Property Investment - Your Core Strategy - German Property vs. UK

Far too many people create a "Dinner Party Portfolio" good for the dinner table, bad for investment returns. Watch this video and find out why investing in Germany is more of a Dinner Party Portfolio...
Posted on Monday 23rd Jul 2012 by Fam Islam - Read the article | comments

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