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How YOU Can Use Buy To Let Property to Finally Become Financially Secure

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Welcome --

What would you say if I told you that I believe that buy to let property is much LESS risky than investing in new businesses, LESS time-consuming than investing in the stock market, MORE profitable than putting your money into savings, and leaves you with MORE of your profits than any pension scheme.

Here are six HUGE reasons why it's now a fact that building a buy to let property portfolio is now the best way for you to make enough money to achieve your goal of financial security.

  1. Property prices have doubled every ten years for fifty years. The British like to own property and property prices never collapse like the stock market. Even in 2009, after the fall of the last two years, those who bought at the end of the last decade are still seeing their property worth twice as much as the price they paid for it.
  2. Your buy to let property portfolio is run by you. The budget is controlled by you and not handed over to some stranger to play with, who then keeps the largest part for himself.
  3. Profits from your buy to let property portfolio are not savagely reduced by management costs which all pension funds are subject to (which can be 40% of the money you pay in each month into a stock market pension plan). You know exactly from your own budgets the extent of your 'management' costs.
  4. The running costs of your investment properties are dramatically reduced by the income from your tenants, so that your monthly outgoings are normally far less than paying premiums into some stock market pension fund.
  5. There's a massive rental housing shortage guaranteeing that rental demand will continue to grow for the forseeable future.
  6. When you finally sell any of your properties, all the profit comes to you and stays with you; it's not kept from you and dribbled out to you with a few pounds each year.

But there is one point above all other points and it is unique to buy to property investment...

How "Leveraging" Will Make You Rich, Just Like It Does For The Elite

Put simple this means you're able to buy with just a down payment -- ie: just the amount which a lender will not give you. It could be 10, 20, 30 or 40% depending on the market conditions, but a lender will always put up over half.

This is an extraordinary advantage.

If you buy £10,000 of shares, you pay £10,000. If you put £10,000 into a savings account, you put in the whole amount. If you put £10,000 into a new company, again you put in the whole amount. If you put £10,000 into a pension plan, the government will add to it, but then grab it back at the end and tax you on your annuity.

What this power of leverage means is that you can buy, say, a £200,000 property for anything from £20,000 upwards, depending on the mortgage market at the time. The lender giving you a mortgage will pay the rest.

And, you know, there is another extraordinary benefit to you: when you decide to sell one day, the Lender doesn't want a share of your profit. You take all the profit; he just wants his loan back.

Successful buy to let property investment is all about leveraging, and only property investment has that beautiful bonus.

Let's take a quick, easy example.

You buy a £200,000 property with a 70% mortgage. You therefore put up £60,000. Ten years down the road it doubles in value to £400,000. You have all the equity, so you can receive all £400,000 from a sale. You just pay off the loan of £140,000, and you net £260,000.

Renters have paid your interest costs to the lender and you have over four times your investment. 400% return: where else could you get that amount of profit?

Are you convinced? I hope so, but some of you may still have some concerns, because making the decision to explore something like buy to let property instead of the more traditional pension options out there should is a serious decision.

The most common investing concerns our buy to let property we routinely hear from clients are:

  1. "I don't like being in debt". Absolutely understandable, but this isn't bad debt, this is good debt. This is not a consumer debt that takes money from you; this is a debt that is paid by somebody else, in your case a tenant. This is a debt that is covered by income, not a debt that takes money from your bank balance.
  2. "I wouldn't know what to buy". You can read "The Everyperson House" — my very simple, guiding principle on this question.
  3. "If I buy at the wrong time, my property might crash". Of course it can, but it doesn't matter. You are making a long-term investment and the market will catch up at some point. You are not putting your money in for a quick profit; you are in for the long term. Watch my hugely popular video on the property cycle to understand more on how this works!
  4. "I don't know the people to look after my buy to let investment". No, but we do. Lawyers, accountants, property managers, mortgage brokers, property managers and bankers are part of my service. Even if you don't use a service like mine, the high street is filled with people who can manage your investments for you.
  5. "I don't know if I have enough money to get into buy to let property". You may well have it, but don't realise it. Remember that you only have to put up a small part of the total price. Remember, also, that you are planning to have your annual mortgage and running costs paid for by your rental income. Watch my video at the right to learn how much money you'll need to get into buy to let property.

The rise of the buy to let property market in the UK has made a property portfolio much easier to control and, although it has only been going here for a decade, it has already produced thousands of millionaires.

This confirms the remark made to me by the famous Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, that the rich may make their money from shares or businesses, but, whatever its source, they hold their wealth in property.

The best way to build a property portfolio

The truth is — like anything in life — it's 'hard' at the beginning, until you understand what you're doing. . . but 'Easy' after that.

This is why I am offering you a FREE copy of my best-selling book The 3+1 Plan - The Insider's Guide to Financial Freedom with Just 4 Properties to inspire you as to what's possible and what normal, ordinary people like you have achieved. But also to point out the traps and mistakes that await if you don't look before you leap.

The only thing I ask from you is this: be clear from the beginning as to your aims and objectives, so that your portfolio is created to achieve these. You should also understand that I am not talking about buying and selling for a quick return.

Your plan should be about creating a portfolio that will enable you to have enough money, ten or more years down the line. It should directly help you achieve each one of your financial goals.

How buy-to-let property investing will buy you the time to enjoy the perfect retirement

What's the most precious commodity you can possess during your retirement? Most people we speak to think it boils down to two things: time and peace of mind.

Far too many people today face a retirement riddled with insecurity and anxiety. They are terrified of not being able to meet their bills, of seeing their real income shrinking and of one day seeing their pension nest egg disappear altogether.

Rather than living the dream of a contented, relaxing and fulfilling retirement, they are living the modern nightmare -- they don't have the peace of mind they deserve at the end of their working life. And as a result of that, they can't enjoy the time they have left in their lives.

That's a tragedy, as far as we are concerned. Especially given that — as we've seen in this report - there IS a way to buy yourself the time and peace of mind we all want in our retirement.

So our advice to you is very simple and straightforward:

Before you know it, you'll be sitting on an asset — or even better, assets -- that in historic terms can only go up in value and that will deliver you an income and a yield that far outperforms anything else the financial world can offer you.

If you do that, and choose and manage your properties carefully and wisely, we can almost guarantee you a happy outcome.

And your perfect, contented retirement will no longer be a daydream — it will be a reality.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

P.S. Don't forget to claim your FREE copy of my best-selling book The 3+1 Plan - The Insider's Guide to Financial Freedom with Just 4 Properties to inspire you as to what's possible and what normal, ordinary people like you have achieved.

DATA PROTECTION PROMISE: Your data is safe with us. We value your privacy and will not share or sell your information, ever!

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